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High Frequency Surface Mount Chip Resistors

High frequency resistors made using thin film materials have lower loss at high frequency than resistors made using thick film materials. High frequency resistors with values from 5 to 200 ohms can be made using thin film materials. Thick film materials are used to produce high frequency resistors with resistance values from mΩ to MΩ.

Wraparound termination type C is used at frequencies < 4 GHz. At frequencies > 4GHz, inductive losses associated with the wraparound degrades performance. Flip chip mounting (film side down) reduces the inductive losses while providing a solder fillet that is readily inspected.

The planar terminations of the A termination type minimize inductive losses at higher frequencies when the device is flip chip soldered (film side down).

Termination resistors are available on alumina, beryllia (semi-precision high power), and aluminum nitride (precision high power) substrates using either the E or L termination type in solderable or wire bondable termination finishes.

Additional information is available on page 14 of our Catalog.

Size Code Length Width Thickness Power
0202 .022 .020 .010 25mw   PDF
0302 .032 .022 .015 40mw   PDF
0303 .032 .030 .010 50mw   PDF
0402 .042 .022 .015 50mw   PDF
0404 .042 .038 .015 75mw   PDF
0502 .052 .025 .015 50mw   PDF
0505 .052 .048 .015 125mw   PDF
0603 .062 .032 .015 100mw   PDF
0705 .077 .048 .015 200mw   PDF
1005 .102 .250 .015 200mw   PDF
1010 .101 .095 .040 500mw   PDF
1206 .126 .061 .025 300mw   PDF

Nominal measurements are in inches.

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