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Surface Mount Semi-Precision Thick Film

MIL-PRF-32159 Surface Mount Jumpers

MIL-PRF-32159 provides zero ohm chip resistors for surface mount and hybrid circuit applications in two product levels with differing lot acceptance screening.

Product level M subjects production lots to Group A, B, & C testing using a mixture of production lot and inspection lot tests.

Product level T adds an infant mortality screening (100% power conditioning) to Group A and performs Group A and B on a production lot basis with no deletions.

MIL-PRF-32159 products do not have an established reliability rating since the Group C life test is limited to 2000 hours we do not accumulate enough unit hours for an established reliability rating.

Product level T is preferred for space applications.

Additional information is available on page 4 of our Catalog.

Size Code Power (mW)
Current (A)
M32159/13 RCZ0302 35 1.1 PDF
M32159/11 RCZ0402 40 1.2 PDF
M32159/01 RCZ0502 50 1.3 PDF
M32159/02 RCZ0505 100 2.2 PDF
M32159/12 RCZ0603 70 1.5 PDF
M32159/06 RCZ0705 150 2.7 PDF
M32159/03 RCZ1005 200 2.8 PDF
M32159/07 RCZ1206 250 3.2 PDF
M32159/04 RCZ1505 150 2.1 PDF
M32159/10 RCZ1010 500 5.0 PDF
M32159/08 RCZ2010 800 5.7 PDF
M32159/05 RCZ2208 225 2.5 PDF
M32159/09 RCZ2512 1000 6.3 PDF

Nominal measurements are in inches.

Product Compliance information may be found HERE.