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MIL-PRF-55342 Surface Mount Chip Resistors

MIL-PRF-55342 provides established reliability fixed film chip resistors in a variety of cases, product levels, temperature characteristics, tolerances, and termination materials.

MIL-PRF-55342 includes precision and semi-precision part numbers that use thick film and thin film materials and processes to provide the complete range of part numbers.

Additional information is available on page 4 of our Catalog.

Size Code Power (mW)
Voltage (V)
M55342/13 RM0302 40 15 PDF PDF
M55342/11 RM0402 50 30 PDF PDF
M55342/01 RM0502 50 40 PDF PDF
M55342/02 RM0505 125 40 PDF PDF
M55342/12 RM0603 100 50 PDF PDF
M55342/06 RM0705 150 50 PDF PDF
M55342/03 RM1005 200 75 PDF PDF
D55342/07* RM1206 250 100 PDF PDF
M55342/04 RM1505 150 125 PDF PDF
M55342/10 RM1010 500 75 PDF PDF
M55342/08 RM2010 800 150 PDF PDF
M55342/05 RM2208 225 175 PDF PDF
M55342/09 RM2512 1000 200 PDF PDF

Nominal measurements are in inches.

Product Compliance information may be found HERE.

* RM1206 is specified in MIL-PRF-55342 as D55342/07 rather than M55342/07