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Part Marking

Resistance value may be coded on some devices. Three digit codes can be marked on 0603 and larger case sizes. Those values that require four digit codes can be marked on 1005 and larger cases. Two marking schemes are available.

The first option uses a three digit code for 2% and higher tolerances and four digit codefor 1% and lower tolerances, where the leading digits are the significant digits of the value and the last digit is the multiplier, indicating the number of zeros to add. The letter R is used as the decimal. For example, 1000Ω ±2% is coded 102 while 1000Ω ±1% is coded 1001. This significant digit and multiplier method is most commonly used to mark resistance value.

The second option uses the EIA-96 marking scheme and allows the coding of 1% values using three digits and a look up table. The first two digits code the three significant digits of the resistance value, while the third character is a letter designating the multiplier. For example, 49.9 kΩ ±1% is coded 68C. This method can also be used to mark 1% standard values at tolerances less than 1%.

Custom markings are also available. Please consult the factory with your requirements.

The marking code is specified by adding a blank space followed by –CC1001 to our part number to code 1000 ohms. Example: S0705CPX1001F10 –CC01B codes 1000 ohms using the EIA-96 method.

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