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Power Rating

Power ratings for MIL-PRF-55342 product are assigned by the specification. SOTA power ratings have been set to ensure the devices will operate reliably at full power in a 70°C ambient temperature. Both Military and Standard Grade resistors are linearly derated from full rated power at 70°C ambient to zero power at 150°C ambient to limit the film temperature to 150°C maximum.

Power Handling Capability

SOTA's resistor products are conduction-cooled devices. Maintaining the film temperature at less than or equal to 150°C is the most important factor in reliable operation of these resistor products. The maximum power handling capability is determined by the ability of the chip and the mounting method to remove the heat generated by the resistor. SOTA lists thermal resistance values so our customers can determine how much power can be dissipated in their application.

Pulse Handling Capability

State of the Art, Inc. resistor products are capable of withstanding short duration pulses that exceed the device's power or voltage ratings. Pulses less than the short time overload test conditions (2.5 times the operating voltage, not to exceed two times the voltage rating for 5 seconds) are easily accommodated by the devices. Pulses exceeding the short time overload test conditions must be assessed on a case-by-case basis. Please consult our factory for an assessment of your application.

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